homeschool organizationI had a great interview today with homeschool mom Christy McMillian Pierce who shared some great tips and how-to’s for organizing our homeschool classrooms.

Christy shared her method for keeping things organized by subject where I shared my method for organizing by weekly goals. Christy also shared how she keeps her youngsters occupied with fun learning activities while the older children work independently.

We both agreed that taking the time to plan the entire year out in advance was a key ingredient to a successful year of homeschooling.

The day I did this for the first time I spent a good 6 plus hours planning things out. I reflected on where we had been; what we had accomplished the previous year, what worked and what didn’t and I determined my goals for my son and the coming year. Right down to pencil sharpening.

Yes, pencil sharpening can be a source of frustration! I hate being interrupted by broken pencil’s so this year we are sharpening ALL the pencils ahead of time, if one breaks, he grabs another and sharpening takes place AFTER school on HIS time, not mine. (Extra tip not in the interview)

I felt so good and much more excited for the coming school year after creating our plan. Now to follow through and work the plan will require revisiting and evaluating it each month and week.

Click the video below to listen to the full interview and get our homeschool organizing ideas.


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